The ezyAbsorb Formula

With all of the many different formulations of supplements available today, why is there a need for a new one?

Nutrient Dense Foods:

Are You Getting Enough?

Are You Getting Enough?


Why ezyAbsorb™?

The ezyAbsorb supplement formula focuses on providing a nutrient packed supplement that can help overcome the many obstacles to having a nutrient rich diet.


Produce are shipped in refrigerated cargo trucks that travel thousands of miles.

Produce ends up being over chilled or freezer burn.

Over freezing or insufficient cooling greatly decreases the amount of nutrients available.

Grown naturally in nutrient rich soil before processing.

Produce in transition for as little as a single day.

Using natural methods and modern technology.


Preservatives are added to fragile commodities.

Processed food can have extreme reductions in nutrients.

Addition of chemical preserving agents impedes our ability to breakdown and access nutrients in the food.

No counterproductive ingredients added.

Super nutrient dense supplement on the market.

High bioavailability form that the human body can easily absorb.


Nearly impossible to get absolute maximum nutrition form produce.

Cutting, heating and grinding reduces the nutrient content of produce.

Not everyone suits raw style of food preparation.

Nuntrient dense suplement packed down into an easy to take form.

Convenient and highly absorbable by the body.

Gets your body and mind everything it needs to perform in peak function.

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Rebecca Fox
An extremely pleasant surprise!

This product was a complete surprise. I chose it because it seemed to have the most benefits for the cheapest price, compared to the other brands available on Amazon.

It arrived super quickly, and the package is attractive and easy to open. It's a really convenient size for my medicine cabinet/shelf.

As mentioned, the price was cheaper than other brands, but so far it is the one I like the most.

It has no taste, and no side effects that I've experienced thus far. It's easy to take, and does everything it says it's going to do.

As far as the seller, I've ordered hundreds of items on Amazon and I've never seen a seller as professional and enthusiastic as this one. I received an e-mail letting me know that the product was ready to ship, had shipped, was on it's way, and that it should have arrived. I received instructions from the seller, as well as an e-mail following up to make sure I was satisfied. I am impressed with the exceptional level of customer service!

Great product! Well done, guys!

This is a game-changer!!!!

Where do I begin? Firstly, my husband & I began the Keto Diet January 15, 2019. I was "Pre-Diabetic" and Insulin Resistant. The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting was helping lower my blood sugar, but the results were slow due to my fatty liver problems (from Estrogen Dominance).

Once I began using this Berberine, (1500 mgs per day), I noticed a difference almost immediately! Within a few days, my clothes were fitting looser. My blood sugar levels went down drastically. I stopped craving carbohydrates and was able to stick to my Intermittent Fasting much easier!

I like this brand because it does not contain unhealthy fillers such as Silicon Dioxide (which is basically powdered glass), methyl crystalline cellulose (which is basically wood pulp). These additives damage your organs and they also prevent the absorption of the supplement by clogging up your cells!

This is one of the few brands that does not contain these harmful additives and the price is right!

Cheryl L. Young
An extremely pleasant surprise!

I have been taking Berberine to help lower my A1-C. I'm not that high, 5.6 but since diabetes runs in my family I want to keep it as low as I can. Since taking the Berberine, my A1-C has gone down to 5.5. I have ordered some for my mother that has a 8.4 A1-C and she has noticed her daily sugar is lower than it has ever been. I am anxious to see what her results will be when she goes back for blood work.

Amy Gurley

Wow. I'm not a diabetic but I think it really works in leveling out my blood sugar after a meal - especially ones high in carbs or sugar. I used to suffer from that sugar high/crash after a meal that would make me feel like I was hungry again an hour later even though I knew I wasn't. This seems to do a decent job remedying that. I haven't figured out the ideal time to take it yet. Some websites say 30 minutes prior to a meal (which can be difficult) or with a meal, which seems easier. I'm not quite sure if I can tell the difference; but I also generally eat quite healthy so I might not have much of a spike/plummet most times.

Gisset Pinateli
Taking these pills is a vital part of my daily routine

It is an amazing product. I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 8 months ago. I have been taking these pills for about a few months and I feel that it is definitely working on me. I haven't been getting up much to use the bathroom at night as I used to. Sometimes, I would go once, and other times none. I used to get up to pee about three or four times during the night, so I couldn't sleep and was always tired. I feel more energetic and I am sure that my A1C has dropped. I will be going for another blood test by the end of the year. I will update my review once I get re tested. However, I recommend this product to anyone with type 2 diabetes. It is the perfect substitute to Metformin or any other diabetes medication because it is 100% natural.

Andy S.
Effective Berberine Supplement

I've been taking EZYAbsorb Berberine for one year now and have been amazed at the results: lost 35 pounds, lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Tried other berberine products and was disappointed in their manufacturing quality; capsules breaking open spilling the bright yellow berberine powder on my clothes and table. EZY Absorb Berberine in my opinion is a much higher quality product. I should know. I purchased over 14 bottles.