Top 10 Healthy Foods That Are Also Easy to Digest

The lists of healthy foods can seem endless examples that mostly give same recommendations, but when it comes healthy foods that are easy to digest, there can be a lot of debate. One of the most common areas of debate is the B.R.A.T. dietary list. The name is an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. For just about anyone who has been to a doctor with a severely unhappy stomach, or suffered through a stomach virus, the B.R.A.T. diet was advised. While the items seem pretty healthy, the debate comes in with the rice and toast aspects. In terms of nutrition density, brown, wild, and black rices tend to be healthier than white rice, and whole grain, or sprouted grain, breads tend to be more nutritious than white bread. When compiling this short list of healthy foods that are easy to digest, consideration is given and mentioned in terms of both digestibility and nutrition density.

 Dairy and Meat 


It is little surprising that yogurt would make a list of healthy foods, but easy to digest? While it is true that most dairy is considered a no-go for ease of digestion, yogurt is very different than your average dairy heavy product. Not all yogurts should be considered both healthy and easy to digest though, only plain varieties with a guaranteed live and active culture content should be considered. It is the benefit of these cultures that make yogurt easy to digest, and when it is plain and not loaded with added sugars and flavorings, it can be a rather healthy snack. 

Lean Meats-Salmon 

While many suggest chicken and turkey as the easiest to digest meats, salmon is significantly healthier than either in terms of nutrition density, and is easy on the digestive system. Salmon is particularly rich in nutrients that are very good for your heart and provides essential proteins needed to live, so of any food on the list it is the most valuable in terms of needed nutrients.

Fruits and Vegetables 


Packed with potassium, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and magnesium, bananas are a pretty nutrient rich food that are easy to digest and can even be soothing to an upset stomach, especially one that has too much acid built up. Though not all forms of banana are beneficial, avoid the pitfall of banana chips and things with banana added for flavoring, as they tend to be less nutritious and packed with sugars. 


Some like it spicy, some like it sour, no matter what variety of cabbage (napa, bok choy, savoy, or green) is used, so long as the preparation involves fermentation, it is bound to be packed full of surprising goodness. It is the fermentation process that not only enhances the nutritional contents, but also gives it digestive benefits.


This one has been touted for quite some time as a super food, not only because of how nutrient dense it can be, but also because it is easy for the body to break down. Rich in vitamins and healthy fats, avocados can be paired with many different dishes, both savory and sweet, to help enhance the nutrition and flavor. 


Not just any applesauce, plain, unsweetened is the easiest on the stomach. As a compromise though, applesauce blends without added sugar that include antioxidant rich juices, like blueberry, are also a good choice for those looking for more nutrition that is still easy on the stomach. 

Grains and Herbs 

Whole Grains-Bread 

Breads made from whole grains, or even sprouted grains, tend to be the most nutrient-dense types of bread, as well as the best for your overall digestive system. The use of the entire grain provides your body with ample amount of fiber that not only help keep you regular, they also help your body maintain its glucose levels by not causing spikes in blood sugar levels like milled flours used in white bread.


While typically used as more of a seasoning, or eaten as a cleanser to ensure you can fully appreciate the taste of a dish, ginger is great for digestion. When included with other healthy foods it provides many benefits through the form of phytonutrients that can help sooth indigestion, relieve gas, calm nausea, and even decrease inflammation, all at small doses.


Oatmeal has often gotten a bad reputation among diet critics, but the simple truth is that this wonder food is not only packed with healthy fiber that keeps your digestive tract cleared, it also has magnificent benefits for heart health as well.

While brown rice is argued as the healthier variant, white rice is some of the easiest to digest food on the planet. One of the better varieties in terms of nutrition density and ease of digestion is black rice, also called forbidden rice. Known as an ancient grain, black rice is packed with more nutrients than brown rice and is still easily digested, even more so than white rice.

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