The ezyAbsorb Formula (™)

With all of the many different formulations of supplements available today, why is there a need for a new one? Not all supplements are equal and many manufacturers overlook the need to compensate for how much nutrition is left in plants after they have been harvested, shipped, and processed. It may be hard to believe, but what starts out as a nutrient packed food source can quickly be reduced to mushy bits of plant matter that are all but devoid of nutrition.

The ezyAbsorb supplement formula focuses on providing a nutrient packed supplement that can help overcome the many obstacles to having a nutrient rich diet. Due to all the changes in agricultural practices, preserving practices, and preparation methods, the true nutritional value of the produce you eat tends to be significantly less than what most would expect.

Transportation Methods Affect Nutritional Values in Produce

Modern transportation methods used for produce have gone on for years without closer examination, until now. Most produce is shipped in refrigerated cargo trucks that often travel thousands of miles to reach their final destination. While some trucks are equipped with more advanced sensors and cooling systems, most use standard refrigeration that attempts to keep the interior at a set temperature. The major problem with these standard systems is that not all produce require the same level of refrigeration to keep from spoiling.

The end result of course is that some of the produce ends up being over chilled and subject to freezer burn, while others are not being kept cool enough, resulting in a good bit of spoilage before reaching its destination. Storing produce in cold, dark, places has been scientifically proven to cause produce to constantly loose nutrients. In addition to these conditions, over freezing and insufficient cooling can greatly increase the amount of nutrients lost within produce. Studies have shown that at baseline standards of storage, by the fifth day, most produce has lost up to half of its nutritional content. When most shipments reach most grocery stores, there will be a significant portion that is not suitable for sale to the public. The rest of the produce that is put up for sale has already been in transit for at least one to three days.

With a unique approach that blends time tested, natural methods and modern technology, ezyAbsorb supplements use produce that is grown naturally in nutrient rich soil, before being harvested and processed into concentrated form. From field to processing facility, the produce is in transition for as little as a single day. The goal is to minimize the loss of nutrients through steady growth and staying well within the five day window of significant loss after harvesting.

Preservatives Destroy Nutrients

Aside from poor transportation methods, preservatives are also another factor that contributes to reduced nutritional value in the foods we eat today. Many companies opt to process and preserve fragile commodities like produce before shipping it to market. Depending on the process used, there can be either extreme, or minor, reductions in nutrients. The most effective method for long term preservation is to blanch produce prior to freezing. Canning is the next most popular method of preserving foods, however there are varying degrees of nutrient preservation depending on the type of container used. Cans tend to help the produce retain more nutrients, while glass jars that allow light to pass through tend to be less effective as preserving nutrients.

While some methods of preserving are less harsh on the nutritional content of produce, all of it can be negated by the addition of chemical preserving agents that are commonly added. These agents may help prevent break down and bacterial growth in canned produce, but that is not all they do. Inside the human gut these preserving agents actually impeded your body’s ability to fully breakdown and access the nutrients inside the food.

You will never find any counterproductive ingredient in ezyAbsorb supplements. The last thing any reputable supplement manufacturer would want to do is load their products with preservatives that would impede the body’s ability to get the full benefit from the nutrients. EzyAbsorb has one of the highest bioavailability ratings of any nutrient dense supplement on the market today. This means that not only is it packed full of nutrients, they are in a form that the human body can easily utilize with very little being wasted.

How Food is Prepared Matters

The only way to ensure you get the absolute maximum nutrition from the produce you eat is to grow it yourself and eat it the same day you harvest it, with as close to raw preparation as possible. For the majority of the world’s population, such conditions are fairly much impractical or impossible. The next best steps for ensuring your produce is as nutrient rich as possible is to buy from local trusted farms, or from organic sections in the market and still use minimal processing before eating.

Cutting, heating, grinding, three basic techniques used in food preparation, can all reduce the nutrient content of produce. For many people, if not most, it is another obstacle for those trying to get the most from the naturally grown produce in their diet. The raw style of food preparation is not for everyone, and some may avoid it due to health, or cost, concerns.

The best alternative to adopting a very strict and time consuming habit of growing your own food and specially preparing it is to take a supplement like ezyAbsorb. Thanks to the use of refined, modern technology, all of the nutrients and micro-nutrients found in plants can be packed down into an easy to take form. Not only is it convenient and highly absorbed by the body, it is also gentle on the digestive tract. With regular use, in combination with a healthy diet, it will not take long to notice and increase in overall health and wellness as your body gets everything it needs to perform as peak function.