Neuro Herb (Phosphatidylserine) also known as the Chinese Miracle Plant has been traditionally used as medicine to treat age-related memory decline for centuries by the Chinese¹. Recent years, due to the increasing trend towards Natural Botany Solutions, Western societies have only been made aware of its impressive medicinal benefits.

The memory-improvement potential of Phosphatidylserine has been confirmed by over 3,000 published research papers and more than 60 clinical trials. This highlights the ability of Neuro Herb to strengthen and support memory in seniors.

The growing numbers of research papers published in various prestigious journals, including the Journal of Molecular Neurobiology, evaluated and confirmed the memory rejeuvenating potential of Neuro Herb to slow down, or even reverse age-related memory decline (To read the full studies, follow the links at the bottom of this page.)

Why Do I Need Phosphatidylserine? Can’t I Get It From My Diet?

Because of stress, aging, modern eating habits and food-production methods.

Your body cannot produce phosphatidylserine in sufficient amounts when under stress, when aged, or when lacking in the necessary enzymes and metabolic cofactors.

ABOVE: Changes in our Western diet have resulted in a significant decrease in phosphatidylserine consumption in recent years, including rejection of fat, innards, organ meats and poultry skin (e.g., low-fat, low-cholesterol, and reduced-meat diets)

Dietary Undersupply

Modern Diets: Modern low-fat and low-cholesterol diets lack up to 150 mg per day of dietary phosphatidylserine. A vegetarian diet may undersupply as much as 200 to 250 mg per day. Other eating styles also create a demand for more phosphatidylserine. For example, a diet deficient in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the amount of phosphatidylserine in the brain by 28% and thereby impair your brain’s ability to form, store, process and remember.

Modern Food Production: To make matters worse, modern industrial production of fats and oils decreases all of the natural phospholipids—including phosphatidylserine.

The average daily intake of phosphatidylserine in Western diets is well below healthy levels.

Stress and Aging

Stress: Like burning a candle burning at both ends, stress increases the demand for phosphatidylserine and depletes your phosphatidylserine levels at the same time.

Aging: The elderly particularly benefit from taking phosphatidylserine. While aging increases our brain’s need for phosphatidylserine it also creates digestive and metabolic inefficiency so that it’s simply not possible to get enough phosphatidylserine in diet. Considerable research proves that phosphatidylserine improves age-associated memory impairment and continued use prevents age-related decay of brain functions.

5 Ways Phosphatidylserine Strengthen Memory in Seniors

Enables your brain cells to metabolize glucose and to release and bind with neurotransmitters

all of which is important to learning, memory and other cognitive functions.

Maintaining brain levels of phosphatidylserine is associated to normal and efficient signal transduction processes, efficient glucose metabolism and healthy cognitive and mental functions.

Turn Back the Clock in an Aging Brain

Studies demonstrate that phosphatidylserine restores the brain's supply and output of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter so important to memory, and supplementation can turn back the clock in an aging brain.

Decline in acetylcholine is not only a symptom of an aging brain, but a hallmark of neurodegenerative disease. Phosphatidylserine is shown to restore acetylcholine release by maintaining an adequate acetylcholine supply

Stimulates Brain Dopamine

Phosphatidylserine also stimulates your brain to produce dopamine and this is likely why patients diagnosed with clinical depression have shown marked improvement in their symptoms as a result of taking phosphatidylserine daily. Reduced dopamine levels are also thought to contribute to attention deficit disorder and this natural substance has proven to be an effective therapeutic agent for ADD and ADHD.

Phosphatidylserine restores dopamine release and benefits glutamatergic neurotransmission. Dopaminergic, glutamatergic and cholinergic neurotransmission play an important role in learning, memory and other cognitive functions.

Turn Back Brain-Aging with Phosphatidylserine

Human clinical studies show phosphatidylserine may assist against the symptoms of dementia and Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI), also in reducing the risk of cognitive dysfunction.

A reversal of brain-aging of nearly 14 years was shown after 12 weeks of supplementation with 300 mg per day of phosphatidylserine. Improvements were found in learning and remembering written information, remembering names and recognizing people, and memory of numbers.

Children and young adults also get results in maintaining a sharp mind and controlling stress. Studies show students experience improved learning abilities and performance. Placebo-controlled and double-blind trials show that young university students experience significantly less stress from tests, stay more clear-headed and composed, and keep a more stable mood when taking phosphatidylserine.

Phosphatidylserine revitalizes Brain Communication

Phosphatidylserine increases communication between cells in your brain by increasing the number of membrane receptor sites for receiving messages. Phosphatidylserine modulates the fluidity of cell membranes which is essential to your brain cells' ability to send and receive chemical communication.

ABOVE: PET imaging of the brain of a 59-year-old woman. The color scale indicates regional glucose metabolism at three brain levels, red is most intense and blue is least. UPPER: before Phosphatidylserine; LOWER: after taking Phosphatidylserine daily for three weeks. Metabolism is increased in almost all brain regions

Phosphatidylserine supplementation restores activity of phosphatidylserine in brain cell membranes, the chemical interaction and transfer of electrical impulses between neurons at both the sending and receiving ends. This means, new information can more easily carve a new pattern and memories are reinvigorated.


(2 Capsules per day for optimal results)


(2 Capsules per day for optimal results)

Why We Added Phosphatidylserine
To Our Store - The Story

As a caregiver myself to a loved one with symptoms of age-related mental decline, we tried a lot of the doctor's mainstream advice with very little success. It was through a consultation with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner did we learn about Phosphatidylserine. The results we obtained through consuming Phosphatidylserine were remarkable.

We started offering the product to other people who struggled with age-related memory problems. During a two year period we have received some really notable testimonials. Read some of them below.

Neuro Herb Success Stories*

“She began to remember people names, my phone number etc”

I bought this product for my elderly mother since she was showing deficiency in her memory, focus, and overall a lack of remembering things. This product did wonders for Mom. Within a few days, she sounded like herself again. She began to remember people names, my phone number and etc. I am very pleased that I had found this product. Most definitely, I will order again! - Jacqueline L.

It really works from two users that didn't believe it would!

Both my husband and dad believe this product is improving their ability to remember things. Neither of them are vitamin taker and normally scoff at such "fixes", BUT they have adopted this into their daily routine. So this family are believers! Dad has taken for over a year and my husband for about 6 months, both don't like to spend extra on unnecessary items, so to this is quite an endorsement. Product arrives as described and on time from this seller and using Amazon's subscription services saves us some money! - Mary B.

Improves brain health

I'm 71 with a history of getting knocked out a couple of times as a kid and bad migraines as an adult. I've been taking one of these a day for a couple of months. I wasn't expecting much effect as other nootropics haven't helped noticeably, but this one does. My memory is better - I don't forget things I wanted to get done from one day to the next and am remembering names and other info better. I believe I had COVID in late Feb and was left with my head feeling like there was encephalitis with brain fog - this has cleared that finally. It helps a lot with focus, like the kind needed to get my taxes done, which this year were more complicated. I can focus strongly and stay with projects, not just bounce off into something else. I just noticed people are taking 3 a day so I'm going to try increasing my dose. I'm vegan and appreciate this is appropriate for us. - Christine G.

I believe that it has helped my focus

After using this phosphatidylserine for almost two months, I believe that it has helped my focus. I've used the supplement per the directions on the container, i.e., once a day in the morning. I would say that the results have been subtle but perceptible. (I am 78-year-old retired educator and hate it when I can't think of someone's name or when the word I need eludes me.) I appreciate the fact that this product is soy free. - Kim L.

* Results may vary from person to person and are not typical. This product is not claiming to cure a medical condition. We offer a Money Back Guarantee should you not be satisfied with results

Dedicated to Improving your Lifestyle Without Breaking the Bank

Here at Ezyabsorb, we developed our Phospatidylserine with the purpose of improving the lifestyle of people who want to combat or even reverse age-related memory decline. Our goal is to provide the best possible supplement at the best possible value. We achieve this goal by providing you with a supplement that has seen positive results across the board in a real human study, at the incredible value of less than $30 per month, as well as a money back guarantee.

Order With No Risk With Our 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

Order With No Risk With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We make sure our customers love their product or we will refund 100% of their investment. We’re so confident you’ll enjoy Phospatidylserine that we’ll bear all the risk.

Free Expedited Shipping For 3 Bottles Or More (2-7 Days In The US)

No one likes waiting 21 days or more for their parcel. That’s why we’ve given free expedited shipping on our dime, all so you get to try our products before the week comes to an end.

90-Day, Empty Bottle, 100% Guarantee

Enjoy Neuro Herb for the next 90 days and if you don’t love the experience, let us know and we’ll make it right for you.

Risk-Free Returns & Shipping

Should you decide that you don’t enjoy Phospatidylserine, send it back to us and you’ll get a full refund.

Put Phosphatidylserine To Work Today To Combat Age-Related Memory Decline


Each bottle contains a 30-Day supply (60 capsules). Recommended intake is 400 mg a day (each capsule contains 200 mg). Take 1 capsule two times a day before or after a meal.

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Read The Top 11 Questions Customers Had Asked Before Ordering Phosphatidylserine

Click on the questions below to see the answers

1) When can I expect results with Phosphatidylserine?
In some of them, researchers recorded positive effects in just a week or two. You might notice some results in days or weeks.
Everyone’s body is unique so individual results may vary. While some customers started seeing early results in as early as 2 weeks, it typically takes up to 4 to 12 weeks for Phosphatidylserine to kickstart neurogenesis to support mental performance, memory, and general cognitive function.
  • Greater energy
  • Improved alertness
  • Clarity of thought
  • Concentration is better
  • Mood improves
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2) Does Phosphatidylserine have any side effects?
Phosphatidylserine is not known to have any major side effects.
Neuro Herb is a concentrated form of phosphatidylserine from sunflower lecithin that offers superior stability, does not contain soy and is not derived from genetically modified organisms (non-GMO).
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3) When should I take Phosphatidylserine?
In almost every scientific study above, patients/volunteers took three doses per day. It’s good to spread out your doses as much as possible.
Because phosphatidylserine is a fat-soluble lipid, it is best to take it with food that contains fat to ensure higher absorption. If you eat three meals per day, take some with each meal.
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4) What is the proper dosage of Phosphatidylserine?
For most uses, 100mg two - three times daily is ideal for adults.
Researchers in the ADHD study gave children 100mg doses twice daily. That seems like a good standard dose for children, regardless of whether they have ADHD.
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5) Does Phosphatidylserine contain gluten, soy, peanuts, shellfish or any other allergens?
No. Our Neuro Herb Phosphatidylserine does not contain any of these mentioned ingredients or allergens. Because of that, it fits into most diets like vegan, keto, paleo and kosher.
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6) Can I take Phosphatidylserine with stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall?
Yes you can. Phosphatidylserine doesn't interfere with Ritalin and Adderall. You may even be able to cut back on the ADHD meds once Phosphatidylserine builds up in your system.
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7) How does Phosphatidylserine help with memory support?
Phosphatidylserine makes up about 15% of the total phospholipid pool in your brain. PS is located mainly in the internal layer of your brain cell membranes.
Phosphatidylserine is involved in governing membrane fluidity, and the regulation of all activity going on in that brain cell. PS interacts with cellular proteins, modulates the activity of neuroreceptors, enzymes, ion channels and signaling molecules.
Supplementing with Phosphatidylserine improves brain function that tends to decline with age. Healthy brain cell membranes support neuroplasticity so neurons can form the connections needed to convert new experiences into memories.
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8) Is this a one-time purchase?
Yes, rest assured that all orders on this page are one-time purchases.
This means that you won’t be charged again in the subsequent months. There will not be any automatic recurring billing or hidden charges.
Once you select your bottles, you’ll be brought to the checkout page where you can choose to pay by credit card or Paypal.
If you select the Paypal option, you will be brought to the Paypal payment page.
Paypal may show a default “billing agreement” statement (which we’re unable to tweak).
But don’t worry, there won’t be any hidden charges. It will only be billed once according to what you have purchased.
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9) Do you ship worldwide (eg. Canada, New Zealand)? What are the shipping charges?
Yes we do! We ship worldwide.
For orders outside the US, the shipping cost depends on the weight of your order and the updated shipping fee will be shown at checkout.
Once you select your bottles, you’ll be brought to the checkout page where you can choose to pay by credit card or Paypal.
For orders in the US, we offer free shipping for orders of 3 bottles or more.
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10) What currency are the prices in?
All prices shown are in United States Dollar (USD), but you can purchase outside the US as we ship worldwide.
If you're using non-US currencies, the conversion will be done by your bank or payment provider and they will advise in your currency.
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11) When can I expect my shipment of Phosphatidylserine?
Your order will be sent out from our shipment center in Colorado, USA.
Below are the estimated delivery timings.
Expedited Shipping: 2 to 7 business days for orders within the USFree Regular Shipping: 5 to 18 business days for orders within the US
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